Kamiya: "You can trust what we say as creators"

NowGamer: Hideki Kamiya, creator of Devil May Cry and the upcoming Bayonetta, has said that his new studio Platinum Games wants to build a brand that gamers can trust.

"Even though we are unsympathetic to the sequel-flooded market, I am aware that we as game creators need to recognize our responsibility in creating the situation," writes Kamiya.

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Rikitatsu3516d ago

Since its directed by Kamiya.
Perfect track record.
He revloutinized the 3D action genre

Pheonix033516d ago

Bayonetta is under the radar now, but when it's released it will be a bombshell of a game! Everyone will be talking about Bayonetta!

xabmol3516d ago

Where did you get it? xD

Can we stop with the great games already. Please? I'm getting tired of mac&cheese and top ramen. =]