Far Cry 2: The Heart Of Darkness Game

Popmatters Writes:

"The narrative of the game uses a series of interchangeable characters, one of whom you yourself pick to play, that can potentially die during missions. These characters all offer side missions that will make the primary mission a little bit easier and upgrade your safe house with supplies. The potential for death in these characters creates a unique relationship for the player. One can bond with their buddy or let them die. They have a choice in how much they care about them. Equally intense are the potential moments with them: if a buddy is shot we can try to save them with health syringes. Sometimes this will work, sometimes we've used them all, and sometimes we're saving our last one for ourselves. The finite resources of the game make the decision to kill a buddy, loved or hated, a heavy one."

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ThatCanadianGuy3544d ago

There is some slight spoilers in there.

Don't read unless you finished the game !

Eldon33544d ago

This is a GREAT game, but it is so frustratingly unforgiving. The multiplayer is the best though, because every week you can play on a bunch of brand new user created maps.