Warhammer Online: Patch 1.2.1 Test Server Opens

Mythic has opened the test server for its Patch 1.2.1, which introduces several new features including the Keep Upgrade System and combat responsiveness improvements.

The patch also includes a new RvR resource called Ordnance, which drops from defeated players and can also be found throughout the RvR lakes. Ordnance can be traded in for superior weapons such as battering rams and other items including potions and dynamite to aid players on the battlefield.

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Dorjan3182d ago

Mythic are really trying hard to keep WAR going. I hope they keep at least a small population to keep it going.

Leord3182d ago

If they can just keep a few hundred k, they can improve, and grow slowly, like EVE...

AndyA3182d ago

I think it's a good enough game to keep a community going.

Malfurion3182d ago

There's no danger of WAR closing down, it has a solid little user base which they can probably expand on.

Age of Conan, that's a different story sadly.

Leord3182d ago

The combat responsiveness is in my opinion a hugely important feature!

Malfurion3182d ago

At the moment people have to judge how long the spells are going to take by looking at the cast time and adding some.

Good job Mythic, keep making improvements like this!

Maticus3182d ago

Woah, and that's a small patch?!

Medievaldragon3182d ago

Nice to see new features in this patch. Could it make ex-subscribers to return though?

Malfurion3182d ago

Anyone who left WAR can't have played it for very long, which makes me think they won't want to return despite some relatively small changes to the game.

It's different with people who return to games like WoW, they probably had years invested there.

Maticus3182d ago

It would be nice if they reward players for testing again. For testing the 2 new careers last time you got special customizations if you helped out a lot.

Certainly gets people on the test realms!

Fyzzu3182d ago

This patch has got some really interesting stuff coming. And yeah, the little rewards were cool :)

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