Sony: PS3 and PSP sales to rise "10-15%" globally in coming year

SCEA marketing boss John Koller has told VG247 that Sony expects both PS3 and PS3 sales to rise up to 15 percent on a global level in the coming year.

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BrunoM3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

" VG247 that Sony expects both --->PS3 and PS3<--- sales to rise up to 15 percent on a global level in the coming year."

thats just normal since theres 2 ps3s on sale 15% will be easy lol...

now for real i see that happening the psp is selling like never before (or in other words a second release)

and the ps3 can only go up and we know these year at some point the ps3 price will go down so ya thats all good .. plus all the great games coming for the 2 ..

LoveGames3519d ago

lol gotcha ... lol...

but ya i see sales only going up for SONY from here with all great games coming out these year and next already.

Arsenal4Ever3519d ago

that's obvious of course it will rise globally 15% plus over 2008. EU is doing all the work here obviously and JPN is playing their part too, dunno about NA. :S

BrunoM3519d ago

NA will do its part in the big picture ... sony will be just fine .. no one needto worry about the news on the net saying they are going away ..

i see a big sales jump tho for the ps3 wen the price cut comes.. but then again im no expert .

Arsenal4Ever3519d ago

i personally wouldnt be surprised if there was no price cut this year.

BrunoM3519d ago

hey who knows maibe ur right no price cut these year maibe im right price cut by the end of year ...

but theres only one that knows right ? SONY .. but will see alot of post about EXPERTS that KNOW (nothing) ...

they will do fine in sales tho .. alot of good games uncharted2 killzone and soo on .