Sony didn't shaft anyone with FW 2.70

LukaX23 from TheGamingOwl Network explains why you shouldn't be blaming Sony over the latest PS3 firmware. But rather, why you have no one else to blame but yourself.

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MURKERR3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

what would be in 2.7 NOT sony

PERSONALLY 2 years and no x game chat or invites as a ps3 owner is dissapointing when the supposedly weaker console has all these features, but we should all be grateful sony is still keeping the service free,there trying their best for us

BrunoM3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

MURKERR i agree with you but i think theres more to it than just SONY not doing it .. look as far as X game invites goes Microsoft has a patent on it .. so there has to be some way to work around that ... (and in part the most easy is to gave it to the DEVs of games and them ADDING it to games)

And there is were the report from GDC were some DEV said sony had given to DEVs the new 2.70 mai come in and that mai be the same for X game chat .. it mai be there in 2.70 and will work from game to game that the DEVs add it to .. get what im saying ...

Note to all im not sure about what im saying im just going from logic ... im sure about the patent tho not sure about Xgame chat.

MURKERR3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

on n4g today who act like they work for sony and built the ps3 saying it cant be done talking all this techinical jargon (sure you all know who im taking about?)

i agree though bruno im sure theres so many obstacles only the people INSIDE sony know about and im hopeful this will be remedied sooner or later

sonarus3517d ago

I am not that interested in cross game chat. The feature i was really interested in was in game XMB and ability to message friends in game.

The update was weak imo but not because of no cross game chat more because it didn't have any compelling features. Sony should have sat on the update for a while or at least till they had something substantial to show.

Screw sony copying Xbox live features. Sony needs to step up and give us some features of their own.

BrunoM3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

ya here today on n4g some people talk as if they were there wen making the ps3 come on with out being the people that are making the FW's and the people that made the ps3 non of us know much about it ...if we "ALL" knew so much about it there wouldn't have been so many post about killzone 2 never looking like IT DOES. but w.e

WE mai know (and by we i mean some people on N4g) what makes the ps3 run i can know all that aswel if i want go google it and talk about it but if ANY ONE THOSE people here on N4G and over the net talking about it were to be put in a room with a ps3 and said OK NOW MAKE IT RUN none of them would WHY ???? BECAUSE THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO they mai know the names and number nut what about the HOW TO ?

so back to what we were talking about ya by the looks of it sony has alot to work around microsoft patented some good stuff (that in other hand sucks for people who own other consoles) and i know il get comments like ya they are smart and ya they are but is like sony putting a patent on 2 analogs what would the 360 have? ,, but any ways ...

give sony time the ps3 due to the machine it is it will move ahead even wen all stop moving .. now was i happy with 2.70 ? NO .. WHY ?? because I and in my case what i was reading here on N4G made me think of 2.70 as something more than it was .. (come to think about it 2.70 is not 3.00)

and murkerr i know what people ur talking about it i read it too today (and on other days)

3517d ago
LoveGames3517d ago

From reading around N4G i must say you 2 are some of the most rational people ive seen in the net when talking about games

and i must agree with allllllllll the two of you have said .

so bubbles for the 2 of u MURKERR u already have a lot but hope Bruno get to the same level so he can have some good talk when posting by ur side and if these online people have to blame any one about 2.70 is them self not sony is that easy

rockleex3517d ago

Search and Destroy, and my brother says something to me... it goes in one ear and out the other. I'll be like "yea" and nod my head, even though I didn't hear a single word he just said.

He's sitting right next to me for gods sake, and I don't even know what he said.

Yea, I'm sure I need 10 people cross game chatting with me about random things to distract me even further from the game. -_-"

True, the feature would be nice, but not as ESSENTIAL as some people claim it to be.

LoveGames3517d ago

i know what you mean but hey its good to have it ...

but you know what wen sony says guys ur going to have it then they dont put it out in the FW update il B!cTH like every one on N4G but until then man is dumb bloggers and user on sites like N4G that make sony look bad not them selfs..

SL1M DADDY3517d ago

But X-Game invites, now that is a good idea. Sorry, but when I am in a lobby playing a game on the 360 and wonder why few people are talking the remember that they are all probably chatting with their buddies who are currently playing something else, it is a bit frustrating. If you are playing COD4, play COD4 and chat with those of us in COD4.

I like cross game invites but the chat is just silly.

Death3517d ago

It's not used to ask how your day was, it's used for questions like "when will you be done" or "want to play a game of X". It's used to set up new games when your friends may be playing something else. It's more like cross game invites, but with a more personal touch.


Hellsvacancy3517d ago

Y is it a big deal to hav cross chat and invites its not a big deal 4 me

Ive got about 30 people on my friends list and i probably only talk 2 about 10 of them (5 N4g members) and also i only play online gamin 4 about an hour a day i get well annoyed when im playin summin like Killzone 2 online (this happened last night) and then i get sum div sendin me messages "do u wanna play with me" NO PISS OFF LEAVE ME B

Its just me i guess i bought my Ps3 2 play games not talk

Oh and i didnt disagree wid u by the way i tend to agree with 99% of wot u say :-)

MURKERR3517d ago

its not that important,ingame xmb was the most needed for me anyway, we got a good service and its free so im grateful

bubbles to all above who debated rationally

Doctor_Doom3517d ago

"weaker console has all these features,"

I'm sure that Superior or better console always have a better Features than the weaker one, if you think that the 360 is weak then what do you call the PS3 ??? lol

I Bet $ony will begin to charge for their service soon.

On topic, I really don't care about chatting all I need is just in-game Invite that works for every game

boodybandit3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

"I'm sure that Superior or better console always have a better Features than the weaker one, if you think that the 360 is weak then what do you call the PS3 ??? lol"

What do we call PSN? FREE! <- which to me = pretty awesome all things considered.

What ever options and features that are added to PSN and XMB is just a bonus for being a consumer of Sony. Sony has to pay out of their own pocket to upgrade and tweak PSN. Unlike MS with XBL for having huge revenue through their paid services. What ever is added or upgraded to XBL cost MS nothing and is deserved and paid for by Gold XBL members.

Personally the only feature I would like to have on PSN is better voice communication and a private chat option. That's it. Sooner or later Sony will get there. For now I am more than happy with what Sony is offering me for FREE.

BTW were you a member of XBL when it first launch last generation? Do you remember what it offered what it offered (options and features) at launch to where it is today? It was the definition of bare bones. The only money spent on XBL was the initial creation of it. MS consumers have been paying for it's upgrades (added features and options) ever since. Oh along with paid advertisement (on a paid service /sarcasm).

Funny how so few people mention that when comparing XBL to PSN or when people have the audacity to complain about PSN. Sorry but I would prefer PSN stay free. Now if I was paying out of pocket and they didn't have all the options and features I wanted I would be disappointed. In all honesty the more Sony moves forward with PSN the more I question why I pay for XBL (which I have 2 active XBL Gold accounts).

pain777pas3517d ago

I really don't see this as Sony's ability to get the features right. I think that patents restrict you without paying the competition and so legally everything is just gonna take longer and most software patents are owned by either M$, IBM, or Apple so things are just harder for Sony to get things done.

Tainted Gene3517d ago

It seems you may have a short memory yourself, because the PS2 also had online as well (SOCOM, RE: Outbreak, etc) and it was "more bare bones" than the Xbox that same generation. So you can't give Sony that much slack since in a way they had a previous generation to learn fro their mistakes.

But truth be told, the real issue is that Sony is a Japanese company (same a Wii, with their serial # friend IDs) and they not use to having online as mandatory thing for console gaming, but bless them they are r trying to adapt to this generation (since 2000) of online gaming. While the West, ie Microsoft, are in full throttle in that department.

(the funny and ironic thing is that in the West we have one of the slowest connections speeds where as the East (Japan) have the fastest in the world.

boodybandit3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

You are comparing the ability to play online through a game (Socom) vs a separate online gaming service created by the manufacturer of the console in which you game on (XBL).

Explain to me how they are even remotely similar? Did Socom run off of Sony servers or something? I don't know personally because I never played Socom on the PS2. I did all of my gaming online last gen on the XBox/XBL.

The bottom line is PSN is a lot newer to the market than XBL and they appear to be getting closer and closer to them in options and features with each passing upgrade/update. All for free to the PS3 consumer and out of pocket for Sony. Again as a PS3 owner I don't see a reason to complain or be disappointed.
Hopeful? Yes.
Disappointed? No.

SaiyanFury3517d ago

Personally, I like the Dynamic Normalizer feature. Often when I'm washing dishes I stream music to my PS3 to play in the background loudly, and sometimes a song's bitrate is higher than the one before it and it comes in much louder. A useful function for me, thanks Sony. As for cross game chat, since I never go online, that function holds little interest for me, although I can see why people would want it. It would be useful to those that play online.

fusionboxer3517d ago

But i'm not a very punctual person, but I do, do what I say i'm gonna do. I may be late, but things happen eventually.

I'm happy that Sony are trying and incorporating stuff that none of us are paying for. They might be releasing stuff a little slow compared to the features already present on xbox live, but I say better late then never.

I just hope all the features we want are like a fine wine so when we finally get them we'll all be able to just chill and hold hands.

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BrunoM3517d ago

These isent really news but one thing i must agree ..

WE and i said WE (thats me too) hype the SH!T out of 2.70 .. so ya we got our selfs to blame too ..

(on another note one of my friends ps3 is block sence last friday the update went up or a shor time and he downloaded it he has 2.70 but cant open anything on his XMB (good thing hi has his games to start right away) but under system there something by the name of CCT .. ( that i dont see on my ps3 after 2.70 .. just saying thats all maibe theres more to 2.70 than we think) wink ..

WhittO3517d ago

They have also reduced troohy loading time - alot !! takes like 3 secs to load everything when before could over 10 seconds

BrunoM3517d ago

ppl didnt see all that wen u go to trophies to compare now if u dont own the game u wont show as 0% u just wont show at all ..

u cna copy and past did also changes the code in the browser (as many can see by being able to log into N4G from the ps3 .. the browser is faster wen loading videos maibe 2.70 was a system stability update with a lil add for having all we want some background coding for x game chat x game invite ..

but no we all went by the HYPE OF N4G not SONT SONY NEVER SAID 2.70 had what WE ALL said it had but w.e ...

3.0 will be nice we all know that .. it shoed be out by October normally the big ones comes around there..

WhittO3517d ago

It is also confirmed that Avatars are coming, as they said in a blog reply to someone complaining about "lack of avatars" (in which i agree), that they are working on it "at this very moment".

So i think they are saving the juicey stuff for June/July (E3 basically). We were also told by a developer that in-game voice chat was in development, reconfirming that they may release this long wanted feature June/July.

LoveGames3517d ago

whitto i saw that reply on the us blog ..

im going to use caps for these so sorry if any one gets mad.


SO WEN U SAY AVATARS ARE COMING HOME VIDEO STREAMING IS COMING IT REALLY IS WHY BECAUSE SONY SAID SO .. so WHY why do people chouse to B!TCH about things SONY did not say were coming ??? can any one tell me how that works ???? PLEASE ???

Death3517d ago

Xbox Live has been out for 6 years, the 360 for over 3. Sony had plenty of time to be prepared when they launched over 2 years ago. People hype every single firmware update in the hopes that PSN will be more like Live. Sony is partially to blame for not being more informative and for not giving their customers what they want. If these features were already available, you wouldn't have the hype/disappointment cycle we have had for years now.


LoveGames3517d ago

Death and il quote you .. " Xbox Live has been out for 6 years, the 360 for over 3"

and il make that my reply to you ... oo an the PSN has been alive for 2 if the 360 has been 3.

get it ?

Death3517d ago

My point is Sony was not surprised with online gaming. The Playstation brand has been established for well over a decade. Sony seen it's first glimse of online gaming with Sega's Dreamcast and then again with the original Xbox a few years later. Sony should be a leading the online revolution instead of still trying to play catch up over a couple hardware generations.


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shawnsl653517d ago

i was only hoping for .mkv file support and maybe ps2 emulation. i could care less about any other "potential future" features (they'll just be a bonus).

lord_of_balrogs3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

So we get a "Did Sony shaft gamers?" and now a "Sony didn't shaft anyone" in a space of a couple hours. What's next in the next couple hours? "Did MS cause Sony to shaft gamers?" or "Sony causes MS to shaft gamers?" These articles belong as blogs as all they are is personal opinions and not actual news.

I thought this was news4gamers not blogs4gamers.