TeamXbox: Red Faction: Guerrilla Demo Impressions

TeamXbox writes: "THQ announced today that gamers who pre-order Red Faction: Guerrilla will get a very special bonus that other gamers who don't pre-order the game won't get-at least not yet. If you pre-order the game on April 2, you'll get early access to the game's demo. That means you'll get to play a little piece of the game before anyone else does. Well, except for us.

We got an advance copy of the demo and have played through it a number of times, both on regular difficulty and "hard," which unlocks after completing the demo on the medium difficulty. Even though RF:G is an open-world type of game, the demo limits you to a specific mission and does not allow you to go outside the borders that it lays down. But the mission at hand-entitled "Industrial Revolution" and set in the Dust sector-gives gamers a good taste of the different gameplay aspects of RF:G, despite its relative brevity."

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