TeamXbox: Military Madness Hands-On Preview

TeamXbox writes: "If you go back in Japanese video-game history about 20 years, you'll find a gem of a turn-based strategy game called Nectaris, which was on a game system that was popular at the time called PC Engine (made by Hudson Soft, which was better known for the Bomberman series). The title differed from its similar predecessors, because it supplemented the "hex" board gameplay with arcade-like animation of unit movements, as well as the battles that took place between enemy units. It was a nice mix of thought-provoking strategy and entertaining smash-em-up visuals. And if you are familiar with Nintendo's Advance Wars games, there's a good chance that they were inspired by Nectaris."

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LoveGames3519d ago

so as far as i can tell the game is only on 360 so why is these on ps3 and wii part ?? and it gets aproved ? ook n4g u guys gooo