Early Famitsu (3/23 - 3/29) hardware numbers

DSi - 61,000
PSP - 51,000
PS3 - 19,000
Wii - 19,000
DSL - 8,300
PS2 - 5,700
360 - 3,600

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N4Sony3544d ago

Look at the PSP! That a boy!!!

3544d ago
kewlkat0073544d ago

every one and their momma have a DS already...Nintendo gets to much love at home. PS3 needs consistency and the 360 still crawling, and needs an elixer, no phoenix Down needed yet.

jams_shop3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I love my PSP. It's the best handheld console I own.
Holy $hit! The PS2 outsold the 360 by 2000+ units.

theKiller3544d ago

ps2 slabbed 360 on the face again!!!

and the funny thing 360 PRs were making fun of sony droping the price of ps2 saying its old and the current race is with the current gen yet and old gen console is selling more!!!

SCThor3544d ago

Exactly, poor MS trying to lie themself they have some "strong" presence in Japan. Numbers don't lie.

Blink_443544d ago

look at the PSP??
look at the DSi!!

raztad3544d ago

Those numbers are a bit different from Media Create ones posted before. But some things are clear from both, first PSP is NOT doomed as was deemed two years ago when DS used to outsells it 2:1 at least. PS3 has gained a lot of steam while Wii is losing it. X360 is a lost case in Japan and ps2 price drop will make it look even worse.

KillaManiac3543d ago

Don't forget PSP's #1 game in Japan (and would be here if we had features they did)

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (which we don't even have), but the BIG difference in our Monster Hunter and Japan's is that theirs has Infrastructure Online (anyone to play with anyone)for Monster Hunter.

All other territories got the shaft and do on MANY MANY other PSP games and we ONLY get Ad-Hoc (couch online (2 psps)).

If Sony put Infrastructure Online in many of the games that Japan's does...I could see me buying and playing SO MANY more games for it.

Also PSP has many other popular series of games that we don't get overseas (such as Bleach Heat the Soul 1-6, ect)

So overall...I can see why it IS WAY more popular in Japan than it is in other territories.

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frayer3544d ago

360 is not going to last 10 years...

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

COME ON PEOPLE!!! April FOOLS is over!!!...Oh it's real??? Sorry... ;-D

theKiller3544d ago

360 sold 360+0???? ps2 outsold it???


morganfell3544d ago


And yeah that PSP is like the Energizer Bunny.

morganfell3544d ago

Anyone want to start a pool on how long before they drop into triple digits?

Obama3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Within the next 2 months it may drop to 999.

morganfell3544d ago

Ha ha, there it is. The first ticket is in. I'll say 10 weeks for that figure.

cayal3544d ago

lol @ 360.

That's just pathetic.

morganfell3544d ago

Pretty soon sales = the name.

MisterNiwa3544d ago

Sony with Final Fantasy XIII is going to make x4 the money that Microsoft made with The Last Remnant, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Star Ocean 4 and Infinite Undiscovery in Japan.

SCThor3544d ago

in this case is boyfriends(SE,Rockstar,etc)

raztad3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )


Yeah, but I need to say that in order to penetrate the Japanese market MS has made the xbox360 a Jrpg powerhouse this gen, securing some exclusive titles, FFXIII going multiplat, Mistwalker games, some are mediocre but some are good. The sad thing is that Sony has been trying to compete for the western market with a flood of shooters almost forgetting about their Jrpg fanbase. Good thing we got Folklore and Valkyria, high quality games, but none of them are Jrpg.

jack_burt0n3544d ago

"Sony with Final Fantasy XIII (DEMO) is going to make x4 the money that Microsoft made with The Last Remnant, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Star Ocean 4 and Infinite Undiscovery in Japan."

lol :) advent on bluray will be the new best selling bluray imo

Sarcasm3544d ago

Well at least the 360 fared much better than the original Xbox. At least it was able to do 1 million in Japan.

But only delusional folks actually thought it was going to "Win" over Japan. *cough* Kotaku and the hordes of 360 fans here *cough*

And Final Fantasy XIII... for PS3 in Japan...

It doesn't get any more obvious.

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