Texas senator: Let's ban Windows Vista purchases

Just when you thought our tax dollars and TARP funds were going out the window, a Texas senator added a provision to the state budget that would require state agencies to get written approval from the Legislative Budget Board before buying Windows Vista technology related to an operating system, equipment, or licenses.

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Xwow20083545d ago

(The senator must have experienced one "blue screen of death" too many to want to force an entire state to reject Vista.)

lol...another problem for MS.

personally i like vista :)

IdleLeeSiuLung3544d ago


Completely agree. Vista runs great, other than requiring a little more resources hence less snappy than XP. User interface is considerably better.

jadenkorri3544d ago

since it was i paid for it, i would be hating on it, i bought XP on my last cp, no i can no longer validate it on my new computer...thanks MS for the free vista and upcoming windows 7....

Major_Tom3545d ago

I feel when Windows 7 debuts Microsoft really needs to take Vista out of stores. Well lets see how Windows 7 does after its released no everyone will make the jump. Windows 7 is great so far at least ten times better than Vista, but it still isn't XP.

CRAIG6673545d ago

I like both vista and 7,and have felt in the past that vista bashing became the 'in' thing to do,even from people who hadn't used or had little experience with it.

Major_Tom3545d ago

Vista was pretty bad since the beginning, it's improved since then but it's compatibility and functionality is still in the garbage bin. If you're still using Vista or have been forever than I'm sorry to say but you just might be Microsoft's target demographic.

CrazedFiend3544d ago

I'd hate Vista even if I was the only one. I've lost business because of it. I've had it for almost 2 years now, and I hate it even more now then I did when I first started my computer.

And it's not just security blah, blah like everyone says. Everything on down to the way the new start menu is designed was poorly conceived. And I truly, TRULY hate the fact that I cannot, no matter how hard I try, delete so many random files.

After losing multiple business accounts due to Vista related issues, I've actually given in and bought another XP computer and have not had one problem since. Business is slowly returning to normal (though the hit on my reputation may never).

My monsterous Vista video editing machine has now turned into my still slightly annoying monsterous e-mail machine (-_-;)

Lich1203544d ago

Ya know, I've never really gotten the Vista bashing. Early on I got frustrated with the poor driver compatibility (had a hard time getting my sound card to work) but now I have zero trouble with compatibility.

Why don't you just put an XP install on your video editing machine if you hate vista so much?

Proxy3544d ago

There legitimate reasons for hating is are usually:

"I just didn't like... (insert random feature)."

"I didn't know how to... (insert random function)."

The first is a matter of opinion, and the second is a lack of understanding.

Windows 7 will receive the same hate:

"Oh noes, W7 doesn't support my hardware, I even tried using the latest 2001 drivers."

"Oh noes, W7 doesn't support my program that wasn't programmed to MS standards."

"Oh noes, W7 uses my ram!"

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FantasyStar3544d ago

We should ban this Senator from opening his mouth because like Vista, he uses way too much resources. The only difference is that Vista actually does something productive with those resources.

Sheddi3544d ago

Hes doing the right thing.
I feel cheated by MS, because they released Vista and shortly after releasing W7.