1UP Review: Stormrise

1up Writes:

"What little tactical challenge commanding these brain-dead battles presents still manages to overwhelm the game's signature whip select system. Its basic idea of flicking the right stick to select units sounds like a good idea for a controller based system. And, initially, it works pretty well, but once more than a few units come into play, it all goes wrong. Simply trying to grab the desired unit becomes a chore as the icons for each fill the perimeter of the screen and overlap. Further complicating matters, each selection swaps the point of view to the new unit, resulting in a disorienting sequence of hopping from unit to unit all over the level trying to figure out how to select the right one. A decent map might have helped some, but, instead, tapping the back button pulls up a glowing 3D VR mess that looks half-finished and wildly spins around in response to any attempt to move it."

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