Sony or Microsoft To Buy OnLive?

"Over the past week, news has spread like wild fire about the new "cloud" gaming service, OnLive. There has been much talk and speculation about whether the service will work, how it will work, and what this will mean for the gaming industry. Well, personally I think in theory it is a very good idea, but what will this mean for online gaming or gaming in general? Online gaming has obviously changed gaming, especially on home consoles. PC gamers have had the ability to play many, many games online since the early 90's if not before that, but home consoles did not get true fully fledged online gameplay until the original Xbox and Live service were released."

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Elven63518d ago

April Fools!....oh wait! :/

s8anicslayer3518d ago

why would Sony or Microsoft buy Onlive? nonsense!

Elven63518d ago

As in all the articles from this site are the same, before they were actually interesting but now their a joke.

njr3518d ago

lol. these articles are back to back

Doppy3518d ago

Honestly if they were interested, to me this seems more like something Microsoft would want rather than Sony. Sony's never been for the PC other than SOE (which was it's own division at first). So Sony's more likely to make it's own service like OnLive, while Microsoft would be more likely to buy OnLive.

BrothaDave3517d ago

@eleven 6. Sorry u feel that way what's bs about someone buying it. It is a real good possibility. To each his own I guess but its not bs it is something has been done before and will be done again either with this or something else. Everyones a critic.

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randomwiz3518d ago

wait... they're serious?

No way that will happen. OnLive sounds really expensive to maintain. I don't think they could profit from it.

Jager3518d ago

Neither... Steam will.

RememberThe3573518d ago

And then release their own versions.

interrergator3518d ago

i think ill play my games on my console instead of a computer

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The story is too old to be commented.