IGN: The Punch-Out!! Predicament

When first news of a Wii Punch-Out!! broke, a triumphant rejoice was heard all throughout Nintendonia (the land where all hopeful Nintendo fans, IGN included, as well). After details and first footage broke soon after, however, it started to become obvious that Punch-Out!! might not be exactly what everyone thought would be. With so much time between the upcoming Wii offering and the last console release – 15 years, to be exact – Nintendo looks to be positioning Punch-Out!! for Wii as a series reboot, and rather than going nuts with new fighters, the 13 available roster members have, at least thus far, been largely the same.

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ChampIDC3519d ago

You think there would be more than 13 fighters in a game this generation. I love the old games, and of course they should stick with the old gameplay, but surely they could have had more fighters. Heck, even Super Punch-Out had more than 13.

vlazed3519d ago

If, presumably, graphics don't matter to the "It's about game play" Wii audience, what then is the justification for a graphical update to a NES game?