IGN: BattleForge Review

BattleForge seems like a great idea and, in fact, it contains many seeds of greatness within it. The visual style of the world and the tremendous range of creatures and powers are definitely the strengths here. But watching these battles in action will give you an inflated sense of the fun you can have here. The missions themselves repeat the same formula again and again, which severely undercuts the point of having such variety and flexibility in the card system. When you add in the awkward auction interface and the additional cash required to collect the cards you really want, it makes it that much harder to see the value in the few things that BattleForge gets right.

Presentation - 6.5
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 7.0
Gameplay - 6.0
Lasting Appeal - 5.0
Overall -

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Demonsdown3540d ago

I was disappointed with this game I was hoping for a TCG mixed with a RTS game and you just end up with a weak RTS game that you can build your own armies. The so called cards are just a way for them to try and get people to micro traction on a RTS game.