Criousgamers killzone 2 review.

From The Review. "WOW, well now that the word wow is out of my system i can carry on with the review, Killzone 2 E3 2005 trailer was the reason of countless YAY's & NAY's.

And now that the game is released,I can finally say that the game is one of it's kind, something i have never experienced before i have been saying these exact same words about Killzone 2 for over 2 years now and i am glad that Sony & Guerrilla Games backed my statement with their hard work & dedication towards this title and the fans".

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Ashton3517d ago

best shooter on PS3 by far .only COD 4 comes close but it falls short.(cod 4 is 9.5 imo)

-Mezzo-3517d ago

I agree to that ASHTON.

CommonSense3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

You know, this review really opened my eyes. i didn't understand it before, but now i do.

that killzone trailer convinced everyone they needed to get a ps3. so we all spent several hundred dollars banking on the capabilities of the ps3. then after 2 years of pretty large disappointments (MGS4 of course being the exception), killzone 2 had to be the best game ever made to justify the purchase. so even though it was actually just some extremely average quality shooter with no memorable characters or story telling moments...or any twists or puzzles, we had to make ourselves believe this game was it is.

people see what they want to see. and killzone 2 is a text book example.

Mikerra173517d ago

because KZ2 was an amazing story with a big twist at the end (im guessing you just a fanboy or you suck and couldent get to the endgame)

there was plenty of character development if you had played the first game you would understand

and you failed to mention the online, which is a great break from the norm

WTF is wrong with you, go get some sense punk

pixelsword3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

...Not to down my fellow 360 brethren, but For the PS3 to have "no games", it's funny how 360 extremists always run back to the same two or three games amongst the "many" games of the 360.


Get a life, dude; the PS3 had AAA games since day one with Resistance. The outpouring was slow at first, but very few of the bigger games disappointed in the long run. Now, the PS3 is hitting it's stride so just deal with it.

The only, and I mean ONLY reason I thought the PS3 was worth purchasing was because it had free online, which doesn't go against my Net Neutrality doctrine; but once I got it, it was a pretty great console; so much so that I mainly buy my games for the PS3 now.

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chidori6663517d ago

the best game of generation

FlameBaitGod3517d ago

No is not, cus sales = quality of the game and this game didnt sale 10 mil first day

Wii Fit is

-Mezzo-3517d ago

Since when did sales ==ed to quality you must be kidding i'm sure. the next thing you'll might be Wii is the best console this generation coz it managed to sell well.

Cyrax_873517d ago

Are any of these new reviews being put up on metacritic? I'm sure this game at least deserves a 9.3 :D

ChampIDC3517d ago

I'm sure all the sites that are actually big enough to get factored into Metacritic have already been accounted for.

-Mezzo-3517d ago

Agree this game is certainly way better then 92% critics gave it.

geth1gh3517d ago

this game is awesome, but come on n4g, we want the up to date news! i have seen about 100 killzone reviews so far so why bother posting another up, not to mention more than a month after release. I think we all know if its good or not by now.

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