TGR News Roundup: Sony's New Game, New Game from Star Ocean Developer Teased

Today Sony announced some big news that makes their new price drop make a lot more sense.

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NeverforgetNES3545d ago

I hate teases man. I hate knowing something new is coming, but having absolutely no idea what it could be. ha

cain1413545d ago

Just give us the news not that the news is coming...

SirLarr3545d ago

I wish I gave a damn about Tri-ace anymore, they've absolutely failed to impress this generation.

Viewtiful3544d ago

I didn't realize star ocean was impressing anybody...ever.

tehk1w13545d ago

Didn't EA try to pull some similar micro-transaction crap with Battlefield Bad Company and got torn to shreds for it?

Seems like they never learn.

DK_Switch3544d ago

Yeah, I remember something about certain guns unavailable unless you purchased them individually.

I think the gaming industry sometimes has a real problem with "scope." Everybody wants to make the next great blockbuster, and fundamentals get shoved to the side.

It's kind of infuriating.

SlamVanderhuge3544d ago

Ugh...why isnt Jak & Daxter on PS3?

Oh...from the devs behin Secret Agent Clank? No thx

- Ghost of Sparta -3544d ago

You need a big team like Naughty Dog to develop a Jak game on PS3 and right now they're busy with Uncharted 2.

Cajun Chicken3544d ago

Size Matters was great, why the heck does everyone hate High Impact Games? High Impact are the Insomniac like team, Ready at Dawn are the 'Dogs and Blizzard.
This could actually work.

Panthers3544d ago

Wow there sure are a lot of announcements made on April 1st...

shoinan3544d ago

In that weird way I kinda like April Fool's Day

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