Cool New Details About Naughty Dog and Drake's Fortune

The recently not-so-secret Naughty Dog title for the PS3: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has come up on the latest issue of Game Informer. Here's what the folks at the NeoGAF forums have discerned from the article.

* Winter '07 release
* Single-player, apparently
* So far, 50 minutes of cinematics (GI said that the game's presentation actually makes the PS3's price not as difficult to understand... or... something. It's impressive, they say)
* Animation scheme allows for unique ways of doing things -- an example used was for taking cover behind a pillar. There were nine screenshots of Drake hiding behind the same pillar, each time in a completely different stance. The final game is said to have 3,000 animation modifications for doing such actions.
* SIXAXIS allows for balancing stuff, like crossing a narrow log or whatever
* Drake will visibly grow tired when running, shown in his running animation and facial features. How neat, I grow visibly tired from running too!
* Soundtrack, graphics, special effects... all are looking insanely gorgeous.

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Violater4289d ago

I blame u guys (especially Deepbrown) for Hyping me up on this game.
It sounds like part one piece and part MGS :D

techie4289d ago

Sorry. It just sounds like my perfect kind of game. And I love how they aren't going the same route as everyone else with this matcho armour Sh't. It's going to be like the gameply of Jak - puzzles, story driven, combat and platforming, I can't wait really I can;t.

fenderputty4289d ago

It reminds me of a new type of Indiana Jones. The hero looks like your average guy wearing a t-shirt but with a shotgun on his back. The graphics look good too. I'm really looking forward to this. All those different animations sound impressive too. I wonder how much of the blu-ray disk these guys are using?

Anego Montoya FTMFW4289d ago

There`s so many dope Ps3 games comin!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.