VGC Most Wanted April 2009 - The Conduit Tops, FF13 follows

The first quarter of 2009 is gone and saw the release of major games like Resident Evil 5, Killzone 2, Star Ocean 4 and MadWorld. Almost every title climbs because of the lower competition. The big winner is again a Sega title:

Wii exclusive First Person Shooter "The Conduit" claims the top spot this month. But the rest of the top 10 is dominated by HD games.

1. The Conduit

2. Final Fantasy XIII

3. God Of War 3

4. Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves

5. Bioshock 2 : Sea Of Dreams

6. Final Fantasy Versus XIII

7. Mass Effect 2

8. Gran Turismo 5

9. Infamous

10. Arc rise Fantasia

* The Conduit replaces the recently released MadWorld on the first place of the list.

* While with eight titles Wii has most games in the list, there are only two of those in the top 10 and just one in the top 5.

* PS3 has five exclusive titles in the top 10 and seven out of these ten will release on the PS3.

* Heavy Rain and inFamous both appear in the top 20 for the first time. It seems the release of Killzone 2 and Resident Evil 5 has made room for these games.

* Wii gamers are pretty orientedJapanese games with three JRPGs and Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) in the top 20.

* The teaser of Modern Warfare 2 seems to have helped. The game climbs a heft 17 places.

* Same goes for Mass Effect 2 and Punch-Out!! that had information released lately.

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Braineater24483517d ago

So many great games coming out soon.

Shoko3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

It's funny how people say there's no hardcore Wii audience. But it's too bad that the Wii has the most exclusives in the top 20, and for the 2nd month in a row, a Wii game is on top. That obviously means there's plenty of hardcore gamers on the Wii.

The Conduit seem's to be kicking azz as of late.

zenosaga043517d ago

No... it just means that that very small number of "hardcore" wii gamers choose to congregate at VGchartz.

Madworld had the number one spot on this very same list last time, and yet has not broken 100,000 in world wide sales after two weeks. I'm willing to bet Conduit will have similar sales.

Shoko3517d ago

Call of Duty 5 started off WORSE than MadWorld. But look at it now, it hit over 1 mil a while ago. That's how hardcore Wii games sell - the sell well in the long run.

And I've seen a lot of people who said they won't buy MadWorld due to either the violence or how short it is, so you can't say The Conduit will do the same since it's more appealing. I can name a game like MadWorld that we have on the Wii - No More Heroes. But try to name a game like The Conduit..........can't, cause that's what the Wii has lacked, and everyone wants a piece of that game.

FinalomegaS3516d ago

everyone do know that wii sales aren't like HD sales. the games take a while before they reach to numbers the publishers will be happy to see.

HD sales are like mad dash by the fans to buy the game, then it falls off the charts. Wii always seem to just linger for a long time.