Console Monster: The Last Remnant Review

Console Monster writes: "The Last Remnant, I pondered, sat in my waiting room reverie. What could it be about? Being new to the crazy world of gaming journalism, the title had slipped its way under my fresh-faced radar, and in my naivety I had offered to review a game that I knew nothing about, a blind-date if you will. Ripped from my contemplations by the high-pitched squawk of an overworked and underpaid nurse, the thought escaped me until the review copy arrived through my letterbox. It was time to delve into the unknown and delve I did, because to discover the scintillating gems that this game had to offer, I would have to venture into its very bowels.

What first caught my wandering intrigue about this game was that it was presented over two disks. With raised eyebrows and flared nostrils of surprise I thought, "I'm in for a LONG ride." I was right..."

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