GDC Is Not A Fanboy's Flamewar Contest

Ryan Rigney of brings up some issues regarding fan reactions to GDC 2009, and the unfortunate level of generic fanboy garbage that has been tossed into otherwise intelligent discussions about the industry event.

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cyguration3279d ago

(Activates level 10 flame-shield; equips level 15 spam-guard buff; unholsters level 100 troll blaster)

RKRigney3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Or since this is N4G, folks will make obnoxious statements like "SONY SO OWNED IT NERRRRR." *Equips helmet of basic reasoning and rallies together few remaining intelligent, non-fanboy thinkers.*

OldWizard3279d ago

after, and n4g cinemablend is the only site i check out.

RKRigney3279d ago

Haha hopefully nothing non-gaming related that's important ever happens.