Gamespot: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Update: New Character Revealed

Marvel Ultimate Alliance has been making waves in the fan community since it was announced last year. The sequel to 2004's Marvel Ultimate Alliance draws on the recent Civil War event that ran through nearly every Marvel Comics book. The dramatic story saw the Marvel universe divided into two camps after a disaster resulted in laws passing that require heroes to register with the government. One camp is fine with the registration; the other has the expected privacy concerns and chooses not to. The resulting friction between the groups turns into a big mess that divides friends, families, and even teams. Since MUA 2's announcement, fans have speculated as to the game's roster. Although Albany-based developer Vicarious Visions and publisher Activision have been keeping pretty quiet on the specifics of the roster, with characters being revealed slowly, both have hinted that the roster will contain a few surprises. Today Gamespot is able to reveal a biggie: Aunt May.

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Raoh3519d ago

This has to be the worst day of the year.

I cant wait for it to end.

DexTh053519d ago

Out of all the marvel universe they will allow us to play as Aunt May..WTF?!..Im a huge fan of this game but that was a bad decision..I thought it was funny how everything he said about what she could do was