Official LittleBigPlanet T-Shirts Being Sold

Slashgamer Writes: It's no secret about my love for LittleBigPlanet. If the game has something new to offer, I'm going to post it and this is one of those things. While checking out some stuff on Sony's flickr page, I encountered this shirt. Apparently Sony is selling or planing on selling these SackBoy embedded t-shirts at various locations.

While trying to find out where they were being sold I found a list, which is featured after the jump, that shows the locations and how many each store received. After doing some quick research, I noticed each one of these 'malls' have a Hot Topic inside them. So we're guessing they should soon, if not already, be available at a few Hot Topics."

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MonkeyMan3544d ago

they should just let you order a shirt made from your own sacboy