The Legend of Zelda: Night of Gloom Preview at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "Of special interest, perhaps, is the return of Tingle, another of Link's famous (infamous) collaborators throughout the series. We're told that Zelda turns to the little, green fairy for help in warding off Link, who, this time around, acts as the game's main antagonist. There's even a hint at romance between Tingle and the princess, though Nintendo evaded our questions when asked directly about the matter."

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Immortal Kaim3518d ago

Stop approving these crappy jokes...

BrunoM3518d ago

ya man is becoming stupid ... i mean damn the people approving all these storeys are the ones doing the same about the war and sony is going to die and microsoft is dead post but w.e just a few more hours ....

then n4g will go back to the made up storys (just like today) but in smaller numbers ...

dragunrising3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Only 6 more hours (Eastern time) to go before its April 2nd!

"There's even a hint at romance between Tingle and the princess."

I always knew Zelda was a man...

Danteh3518d ago

... this ppl think it's funny after all the crap N4G has received today??? lol


borgome3518d ago

When the frick is Zelda going multi plat, that would be some kinda sweetness.

Doomsday3518d ago

some better graphics and maybe some voice sound nice.........but i would have to disagree i would hate to see it go multiplatform its like michael jordan play for the wizards ....just not right

hatchimatchi3518d ago

it's a Nintendo franchise

Krimmson3518d ago

that you're just going along with the whole April Fools bid. Right?

Please tell me you're not that stupid.

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