Regarding the Special Announcement

As you have most likely surmised by now, the upcoming "special announcement" announced by Nomura was an April Fool's Joke. The joke was a partnership between KHInsider and HeartStation. We realize this probably disappointed you, and we know that through a certain member's vigilance, the joke was spoiled for many of you.

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TheColbertinator3459d ago

Ouch.I got owned again by the April Fools jokes

manwich253459d ago

I'm really getting tired of these april fools pranks

Lucreto3459d ago

So today Kojima owned the industry, I got rick rolled 7 times, Jak and Daxter on PS2 (I hope this is a joke)and TOV on PS3.

I hate April fools.

pwnsause3459d ago

i thought TOV for PS3 was in fact for real

PirateThom3459d ago

I honestly despise this day now.