Fears of The NEXT "Next-Gen" Consoles

GamesAreEvil writes, "Here we go again, gamers! Blizzard has reportedly talked about plans that it's working with Microsoft on the next Xbox (and then denied them all the same!) That got me thinking - nay, worrying - about the next generation of consoles. Allow me to explain.

First of all, the economy is certainly not going to be helpful. Sure, the next generation won't come out for at least another year and a half, which might give us enough time to right this sinking ship. However, how much more cautious are people going to be about their spending? Will we have learned - as the society at large - to not be frivolous in our spending? If that is the case, will the manufacturers respond in kind? The issue here is the business model and the negative impact it could have for the 'core' gaming market..."

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bgrundman3518d ago

Is it already time to really be worrying about this?

CrAppleton3518d ago

Nah.. not yet.. I think we'll have plenty of warning before we have to worry about this again

Anon19743518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

"First of all, the economy is certainly not going to be helpful."
True, consumer spending has slowed but when you look at revenue this past holiday season, revenue was up for the entertainment section. That rather negates his point on this as it's not backed up with what actually appears to be happening.

"Sony has been struggling since launch because of a higher price point than its competitors."
Again, this doesn't seem to be backed up by facts. While the Wii has certainly established itself as the frontrunner, the PS3 has actually done much better than the 360 out of the gate moving 17 million consoles in it's first 2 years vs the 360's 13 million at a higher price point. The idea that people aren't buying the expensive PS3 falls on it's face when you look at actual sales numbers.

"And what about the originality of the games?"
I agree, I wouldn't mind seeing more original titles released but certainly, again, sales numbers show people want more of the same. It's all about the sequels. Do you think people aren't going to buy Modern Warfare 2 because it's similar to COD4? Do you think they'll ignore Modern Warfare 3 or 4 if and when it hits on new consoles? Certainly Halo 2 and 3 weren't hampered by being similar to the first Halo.

Something that does concern me regarding the next gen is the success of the Wii. I don't like the Wii. I wish it the best, but it just wasn't for me. Microsoft's Shane Kim has already said he thinks the next gen might be some sort of low cost, digital distribution hub. Certainly from a cost perspective I can see Microsoft looking with envy at the Wii in the face of billions in losses with the first Xbox and staring down the very real possibility that once the dust settles from the 360 they probably won't have even broken even.

The PS4 is a ways off but I must say, I don't want Microsoft to wimp out on their new Xbox. I want a no-holds barred, HD gaming BEAST! With no hardware problems. That's what worries me about the next gen. No slight against Nintendo fans, but the last thing I want is a Xbox version of the Wii.

DeadlyFire3517d ago

I am not sure exactly how things will go, but so far there are signs next Xbox already. Likely E3 2009 it will debut.

E3 2009 will host PSP 2 and might host the new Xbox or not. While E3 2010 could host 2 or 3 new consoles from Sony, Nintendo and maybe Microsoft. Either way by end of 2010 everyone will know that the new consoles are coming by end of 2011.

CrAppleton3518d ago

Seriously.. the PlayStation 3 has JUST started doing well.. if you come out with a new "next gen" what will happen to my PS3?

supercharger51503518d ago

Same thing that happened to all old consoles?... Box in the closet.

Remember how I was taking about the giant box that plays EVERYTHING... this may be the time. mwahahahaha

bgrundman3518d ago

Are you implying support of a universal console? That would never happen.

supercharger51503518d ago

Yet don't you like the idea of Go Live?....

I'll make it happen, in my garage.

HDgamer3518d ago

ps3 won't be replaced until 2015 or more. By that time you'll have the ps4 which is a pill you take to play all your games.

cliffbo3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

the ps3 is different from the PS2 (which is still selling by the way and i still play. so do many others). the PS2 was a static system in that what you bought stayed constant throughout it's lifecycle. but now we have moved into an 'update' centric console that improves over time. we know that Cell has been no where near maxed out and that we can expect to see many improvements in games for years to come. i wouldn't mind betting that a 1st - 3nd generation game on the 720 will still not be as good as a 5th - 7th generation game on the PS3. so i think the PS3 could easily compete with MSs new machine for many years to come and that the advantage of Blu-ray (space) will also be a huge deciding factor

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greedyraven3518d ago

Next generation consoles? Ha! We still have several years before anything but maybe a new PSP comes out. The tanking economy will help slow down the coming generation. If Blizzard is talking with M$ then it is in the very initial stages of the console's development.

manwich253518d ago

I think that the new console generation will be here sooner than many think.

bgrundman3518d ago

I hope it isn't so soon, but the trend seems to be adjusting to a fast transition time.

CrAppleton3518d ago

For Sony's sake, I hope not

mastiffchild3518d ago

MS may show what they're working on(as they will all three be in R&D for their next console certainly)at, say, E3 just to guage public and press reaction but will they risk bringing out another console while the the world is struggling so badly? the financial recession is worldwide and only going to deepen over the next two years(maybe longer)and even though the games and ents industry did better than most over the holidays think just how cheap MS had to go to sell the 360.
They cannot take losses selling a new, improved xnox like that and higher price points will mean fewer adopting the console. Consoles need fast adoption for manufacturers and developers and even the HDTV changeover has slowed lately-where's the wisdom in getting devs to work on games for this new console when the market may well be non existent?
People seem to underestimate just how big a hole the US and British banks(inparticular)have dug for us all and bringing out another expensive electronic consumer good with MS quality record right now(which wouldn't have the library at launch of games you can only play on it that 360 had)could easily be commercial suicide.
I doubt any of the three makers would be quite so reckl;ess as to commit to bringing out their next console yet. Maybe a look at what it'll have ,even Wii add ons but no dates or fully fledged releases for a good while, imo.

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