The Playtendo 360: The Next-Gen Consoles and the Progression of the Gaming Industry

It's been four years since the world welcomed the seventh generation of games consoles into their homes. With the original Xbox failing to impress against the dominating force of the PS2 Microsoft got out of the gate early and released the first 'next-gen' console. Of course, with this being the next generation people jumped on the bandwagon fairly quickly, opting to replace their 'old' PlayStation 2's for the increased power and prowess of Microsoft's new white box. It went pretty smoothly from there on out, MS had set the bar for what consumers and the development community could expect in this new, seventh, generation of gaming hardware. They pretty much tore the industry a new one, bringing an increased online infrastructure, high quality games and an experience no gamer had had before. It was a year later that Sony and Nintendo caught up and embraced the new generation…well, not exactly.

Nintendo was second out of the gate and everyone seemed to be expecting something amazing, something game changing and they got it, but not how they expected. Nintendo decided that last/current gen graphics were fine, but that controls were the big issue, bringing the world the Wiimote and changing the face of videogames forever. This change in controls, something which I still see as a novelty, gave people access to videogames like never before, it made it easy enough for everyone in the family to play and, almost overnight, stole the videogames market from under both Microsoft and Sony.

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