Gamers need to fix their vaginas


"Do you ever find yourself on a website and notice that the advertisements sometimes have nothing to do with the site you are on? Sometimes you have to really wonder if the company running the ads has any idea who their target audience is.

Take for example the title image to the right. This was actually an ad that I saw a few days ago (and snapped a screenshot of) on a hardcore video game site, N4G. Maybe I'm just being incredibly stereotypical of the demographic that is hardcore gamers, but I don't think most of them, if any, are looking to have their vaginae surgically altered to look pretty."

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Vault Boy3370d ago

LOL, I do remember seeing those ads. I'm surprised nobody else made mention of them before.

Milk is for Babies3370d ago

Hmm, must have missed them. I've never seen that ad before, but this is hilarious if true.

L80BelfDK3370d ago

April Fools! Seriously, is this real or what?

Twizlex3370d ago

It's real. I remember seeing the ads a few days ago.

jwatt3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Ha ha I just told my bother yesterday, why are they advertising women's stretch marks on a gaming site. Can we get some ads for electronics, movies or something to do with the target audience?

Bnet3433370d ago

Anyone else see those damn stomach ads here with that gross ass belly? Phucking gross, makes me wanna puke everytime.

gamesR4fun3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

but i bought two already :D

nottin says I love u like a surgically altered vagina

also a great mothers day gift :D

Megaton3370d ago

Almost makes me wanna turn off ABP so I can see them... almost.

s8anicslayer3370d ago

Nah, not Gamers, just Gamers here on N4G have to fix their vaginas!lmao

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h0tz0rz3370d ago

I was actually insulted when I saw these ads. It's almost as if female gamers are being stereotyped as having big floppy vaginas in need of fixing. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive, but I can't help it since I'm a woman! BLEH!

Twizlex3370d ago

I never even thought of that. I'm such a selfish, insensitive man.

3370d ago
h0tz0rz3370d ago

I'm sure you would like to, but you won't. Ever. OK, maybe for a million dollars, but you only get to look at it.

Vault Boy3370d ago

I don't think any vagina is worth $1 million just to look at, sorry. Maybe if I had billions and a million bucks was nothing to me, I'd think about it. But if I was really that rich I know you'd totally give it up.

San Frandisco3370d ago

becarfull dude,you dont wanna get up close then all of a sudden get T-Bagged do ya?

h0tz0rz3370d ago

That would be a good april fools joke. I'm gonna get a sock and put some walnuts in it and then let it drop out on a guy's face when I take my pants off. That would be so great LOL! But I assure you I'm all woman.

Tony P3370d ago

"That would be a good april fools joke. I'm gonna get a sock and put some walnuts in it and then let it drop out on a guy's face when I take my pants off."

^^^Rofl. Now that's an April Fools. Youtube.

UnSelf3370d ago

make sure its an all brown sock

theres nothin funnier than a white woman droppin a pair of black balls on an unsuspecting carpetmuncher

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hitthegspot3370d ago

I had to approve this. It's so true.

What's their number again?

Rich16313370d ago

What about the "Fallout 3 Sex" google ad that comes up daily under the summary?

Twizlex3370d ago

Well, that at least has to do with videogames. This cosmetic vagina thing doesn't at all.

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