LittleBigPlanet - Over 725,000 Levels

GamersDigest writes;

"LittleBigPlanet, the best-selling title from SCEE allows players to build their own levels and share them via PlayStation Network. Nearly two million players worldwide have joined the LittleBigPlanet community since its launch in November 2008, where they, rather than developers, drive the experience by creating game content to share with others.

LittleBigPlanet teaches players to create as they play. Sackboy is your very own customisable character; a walking toolbox of building skills and materials that allows players to create new objects, landscapes, puzzles, characters, weapons, prizes, narratives and more. Players can also upload their own photos and media into levels straight from their PS3."

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inbfour3518d ago

What does the scouter say about the Community Levels?

buffalo10663517d ago

thats a serious amount of levels. its a shame that about 600k of those levels are h4h and trophy levels

SL1M DADDY3517d ago

Even if that were the case, which those of us with a brain know it is not the case, that would still leave you with 125,000 levels to play on top of the levels that came with the game. So tell me, how many months would it take you to get through over 125,000 levels in LBP? If they took you each an average of 5 minutes to complete you would be able to play LBP for 434 days without taking a break. Did you see what happened there? Math is your friend and stupid comments are not. Even at 50,000 levels the game would take you half a year to barely finish each level and by then, there will be hundreds upon thousands more.

DaTruth3517d ago

My levels are half hour plus.

Parappa The Rappa3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

the amount of copies sold. lol.

y0haN3517d ago

This was just begging for this joke, ahah.

I haven't played LBP in ages, been addicted to GTA4 and SOCOM again :3

popup3517d ago

Yes Mr Rappa. There really are only that many creative people who happen to be into gaming. The play stats are way above your 'estimate' but it was worth entertai.... nvm.

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Lotard33518d ago

It's over 9000!!!!!!!!


Cajun Chicken3517d ago

Dammit. Beat me half an hour to that.

3517d ago
MakoXL3517d ago

How many of those 750,000 are HEART 4 HEART levels.

silvacrest3517d ago

heart for heart? whats that?

buffalo10663517d ago

where someone makes a level where u spawn on the end marker of the level and u give the person a heart and in return they hart you. its all for getting trophies

goflyakite3517d ago

I've only ever quick played into like 2 of them since I got the game a few month back.

And I didn't heart them either.

Sharpshell3517d ago

not many... maybe half but you know what? I have never even played one b/c you can easily search for levels and see how many people have hearted them and when a lvel has over 100,000 hearts its never a heart for heart level.

if anything their are too many good levels considering I can barely get enough people to play my level lol (LittleBigGalaxy <---- try it!)

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Hutch23553517d ago

I must say I just rented the game, and it is not for me, but I can see how people love it.

silvacrest3517d ago

im not sure if your playing solo or not but either way you gotta get 3 friends and play it

it makes a huge difference

poeo3517d ago

i hope it reaches 1 million user levels. that would be something. i cant think of another game that has even a 1000 user levels... (on the PC side something like that probably exists, i just cant remember)

anyway i hope Sony would still advertise and push this game, feels like they gave up on it too fast :/ i want to see LBP ads CHRISTMAS 09. the game will still be fresh by then, if not even more fresh with added DLC and new gameplay mechanics that will most likely be implemented (where's that water, please!).

Halochampian3517d ago

there are probably that many halo created map variants.

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