PlayStation 3 stolen at far west side store

A customer looking at a used PlayStation 3 in a game store on the city's far west side ended up stealing the game system, police said.

The theft happened at GameStop, 8118 Mineral Point Road, at about 5:40 p.m. March 26.

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cryymoar3549d ago

this is important, HOW?

Hallucinate3549d ago

news flash, baby just born,
news flash some one is getting mugged right now as you read this

Eldon33549d ago

why was this approved??? Ive been robbed at gunpoint but it didn't make the news, guess it was because I didn't have my ps3 on me.

KYU21303549d ago

someone stole it.. did they check to see if they had returned a 360 in its place. haha..