Ballmer: Take every one of their good ideas and make it one of our good ideas

Firstly an apology for the lengthy article and the strange content *tie-in*.

Some fascinating facts that adds further proof that Microsoft prefer to take ideas/concepts from other people and make it *theirs*, Ballmer even said so himself.

Please read through the whole article and see if you can make any connections as to future names for future consoles/devices from the information provided and let us know.

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creeping judas3515d ago

Wow simply WOW!!!
Interesting read to say the least.
A little bit like something you would expect from one of the members of the smoking guns from X-Files.

Still a good read.

komp3515d ago

If you google around for the information the story is massive. Even talk about how the news was suppressed by interested parties. And much more to do with hendrix / Microsoft / Space schinanigans.

Have a search, you would be amazed.

komp3484d ago

This news slipped under folks noses...

You should read it.