Rumored PS Store Content for 04/02/09

PlayStation LifeStyle:

"This week isn't looking as content heavy as the past couple weeks but it's a good overall update nonetheless. Not much has been confirmed this week, so the majority of the content is rumored, which we of course got covered for you."

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Sev3342d ago

Keep an eye on PlayStation LifeStyle this week. We are unveiling something major.

It's not a game, a console, or anything of that nature. It's something having to do with our site, but it is still a major announcement.

You guys are going to absolutely love it.

Shadow Flare3342d ago

Chuck Norris now writes for

Counter_ACT3342d ago

No one cares about your website.

Pennywise3342d ago

looking forward to it Sev!

Mr_Bun3342d ago

Apparently YOU cared enough to come here and post

Cajun Chicken3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Nice, I'll be looking out. Love the new look of the site.

EDIT: @Below; Let sleeping dogs lie.

locos853342d ago

Which incident is that? Is it when they were going to announce something huge, but instead said that they will no longer reveal anymore Sony secrets?? Im seriously just asking. Not being an ass

Uzesgelen_Goo3342d ago

i have a question. will Minna de Spelunker will come in U.S or Eu store?

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Hellsvacancy3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Im sure i will

Mr_Bun3342d ago

Spongebob tracks will be mine!

Pennywise3342d ago

You would buy this before Pearl Jam.

Mr_Bun3342d ago

I would because I won't have to hear you ruin Eddie Vedder's vocal tracks :p

Pennywise3342d ago

Tell that to my 93% on expert for Black.

Mr_Bun3342d ago

Tell that to the neighbors who think you are strangling a cat in there!

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