At Home with Phil Harrison

Gamasutra sat down with Sony Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison to discuss Home, its similarities (or lack thereof) to Second Life, the importance of Blu-Ray to the PS3, and the value of bringing big-name developers to downloadable games.

Phil Harrison: "It started life on PlayStation 2, actually. It was something we were working on to create an interactive 3D lobby that would become a launchpad for a number of online games. But, the PlayStation 2 -- great platform though it is -- was coming up against some technical limitations in some of the user-created content that we wanted to put into the space, because we didn't have a hard drive in every PS2, and we didn't quite have the 3D processing power that we wanted. So, we thought that this would be better off on PlayStation 3, and we've been working on it for about two and a half years.

The decision to do it was to create a rich 3D layer that would sit on top of or around the existing PlayStation Network platform, without trying to change that functionality, but just present it in a very immersive way that would resonate well with our audience and also develop this conducive opportunity for them too."

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techie4261d ago

"We've got over 50 products in development right now for the PlayStation Network."

"Home is a service that runs on top of the PlayStation Network itself. The PlayStation Network as a set of features continues to grow, so we will continue to add functionality, features, and sophistication to it. As we do that, Home will also grow by nature of the fact that it sat on top of that platform" - don't have to use HOME.

LSDARBY4261d ago

Cant wait to get the PS3 friday :D

Violater4261d ago

Is it too sophisticated for the masses?
The high price of the console also draws a defined line as to who can afford it.
I can appreciate it all but I just wonder about how long its all going to take (if ever) to catch on with the general populous.

KiLleR324261d ago

its HOME going to be Like the Sims?
i mean the sims, is like a online world where u but house ect...
in Home u can do anything. so its it the Same?

Droidbro4261d ago

it seems that all sony managed to accomplish was to turn a commercial into a 3d lobby which im assuming wont be free...

plexdk4261d ago

No not like sims..

sims = life simulation... where you simulate how you're going to work, raising family etc.. i doubt Home is about that... hehe

You should see Home as a "3D _interface_"..with a bunch of features, that would be the correct term :)

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