NowGamer: SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals - Confrontation Review


"SOCOM Confrontation might have been fun about five years ago, but it's starting to feel very tired these days. Online shooters need to offer either unprecedented depth or a wealth of personality and skill to stand out. But this does neither."

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solidworm3546d ago

a missed opportunity it is still by far the most realistic representation of war on any console and takes more skill to be successful at than any other game out there. MAG for ps3 should be the natural culmination of the 3rd person shooter and after playing socom confrontation i have to say im hyped for that game.While cod has the looks and killzone the looks and shear brutality, socom has the realism of urban warfare down to a tee.

MysticStrummer3546d ago

but it deserves a better review than this. Having been involved in the beta, I know how buggy Socom was then and at launch. Since that time, some major patchwork has been done and many of the major problems have been fixed. The person doing this review has RPGs as his favorite genre, and as such should not be allowed to review a shooter, much less a game like Socom which is unlike the majority of console shooters. No skill? That part would make me laugh if it weren't so blatantly false. No number of MVPs on a standard shooter can compare with the satisfaction of one game of Socom with a good team, communicating and carrying out a strategy. The only major problem I still have with Socom is the lack of a party system. There are several minor problems, but overall I would say this game should get reviews in the 8s at this point.