Naughty Dog's Lemarchand: Achievements open 'a whole new world of game design'

Speaking with Gamasutra as part of larger feature on in-game achievements, Naughty Dog's (Uncharted) lead designer Richard Lemarchand praised player incentives for opening "a whole new world of game design".

Lemarchand admits that earning trophies, Sony's incentive system, is a fairly simple idea, but also recognizes that they can potentially reward a variety of play styles, from exploration and speed runs to total mastery. They are also a way to chronicle accomplishments in the game.

"We had 48 trophies in Uncharted," he says. "We saw how much players enjoyed them, and it got us excited about applying ourselves more seriously to the design of our trophy system and trying to find trophies that are unique and really attention-grabbing. That's what we're doing right now [brainstorming trophies for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves]."

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DelbertGrady3519d ago

My bad.

<denial>Thank you Insomniac for giving us achievements.</denial>

andron3519d ago

For implementing Trophies....

jack_burt0n3519d ago

If Microsoft had their way they would abolish the unlockable and leave only the dlc ££$$$££ anyhow I want me some more Uncharted w00t.