The Witcher… on a Handheld? (GL April Fools Lookout)

It seems that the very well recieved PC RPG title "The Witcher" will be soon be appearing in Handheld form. Developer CD Projekt RED sends a (pretty amusing) word that their planned spinoff, entitled "The Witcher: Mysterious Secrets", will be coming to a current-gen, next-gen and gen-after-next-gen handheld systems.

Ok, so, it's obviously an April Fools prank, but they've done a pretty good job creating an 8-bit version. Take a look after the jump.

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syvergy3516d ago

Haha, that video is awesome.

Qdog3516d ago

Seriously though, that reminded me very much of an old obscure sleeper hit on the Sega Genesis, called Chakan: The Forever Man. It was dark, creepy, used spells and even alchemy by combining different colored potions, and vivid. I remember fondly both the frustration and the fun that I had with the game. Here is the Wiki

Fullish3516d ago

Would be awesome though.

Austin_SJ3516d ago

the blizzard april fools stuff was awesome