Neuroscientists Confirm Videogames Good For The Brain

Earlier this week IncGamers reported findings from neuroscientists showed playing action videogames, and specifically first person shooters, can help improve the eyes' contrast sensitivity.

Speaking to the researchers behind the findings, IncGamers asks how and why videogames can help improve eyes.

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Dorjan3549d ago

I've always said that I'd rather play a game than watch tv, it's like tv where you are controlling what's going on!

Leord3549d ago

Good news. I wonder if it can cure my near-sightedness? =)

thetamer3549d ago

No, it can't...! Read the article properly!

AndyA3549d ago

It's always nice to hear a story about the positive effects of games.

thetamer3549d ago

It's really interesting to see that videogames might actually be used as an alternative therapy to more conventional methods of medicine!

Malfurion3549d ago

Surely gaming is bad for your eyesight too though? Too much of it anyway, I know my eyes are pretty bloodshot after a weekend of WoW :P

KionicWarlord2223549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

well gaming improves : reactions speed ,eyesight, and the brain. :)

ChampIDC3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Well, if you're sitting inches from your computer monitor playing WoW, that's not good for your eyes. It's important to sit back far enough. It's also bad to sit in the dark while playing. Maybe one of those could have been the problem.

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