Age Of Conan: Free Trial Coming

FunCom are working on a free trial campaign for the MMO Age of Conan.

In the hopes that the free trial will allow the game to reach a wider audience, FunCom are following in the footsteps of other successful MMOs. Mythic's Warhammer Online has recently introduced a free trial, and World of Warcraft also has a long-standing system which has resulted in many players taking up the game full-time.

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Maticus3544d ago

I might actually try this out now, been interested in it for a while.

Leord3544d ago

Yeah, I'm a fan of MMO's as well. Well worth a week of spoiled work =)

It's just a matter of seeing if you get hooked or not.

Cogo3544d ago

It's definitely worth a trial at least.

Malfurion3544d ago

So many people get into games after a free trial, I'm surprised they've only just brought this feature in to be honest.

free2game3653544d ago

better now when the game is fairly polished than at launch when it was still amazingly buggy.

Dorjan3544d ago

I thought that was a basic requirement for mmos?

Cogo3544d ago

Well, if it's a subscription MMO, they usually get all the peopel that want to try it out right away to buy it, then after a few months, they open to trial accounts.

Leord3544d ago

Yeah, you don't normally start out with it. But as people said, it's surprising they didn't start sooner.

Cogo3544d ago

I'm surprised they haven't done it before now.

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The story is too old to be commented.