Joystiq: OnLive Founder Wants You to Be Skeptical

Early last week, a new gaming startup was announced, kicking off GDC with an immense focus on "cloud computing" and, specifically, "cloud gaming." Everywhere you turned, people were talking about OnLive. "Can it be done?" or "Sounds too good to be true." You may have heard some of this debate on Joystiq's podcast or in the comments on their announcement post. They gathered up a lot of that skepticism and barged into Steve Perlman's office and demanded answers. The interview was quite long, so they will be bringing it to you over three days, beginning ... now.

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Parappa The Rappa3546d ago

and you know it, penny.

i think you believe its possible, and will happen, i just dont think you care, lol.

wibble3546d ago

I'm not skeptical. I believe it works. But that doesn't make it desirable.

I'd rather play my games in high definition without artifacts and with zero lag.

DragonWarrior_43546d ago

Id rather play pc games on this then having to upgrade my pc every 2 or 3 years. Ive seen vids on this service and it seem on par if not even better then xbox live.

celldomceen13546d ago

I will remain detached until it is running outside of the perfect conditions in which we have see it as of now.

Andras843546d ago

I'm all set with my PS3 thx!

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