Opinion: Resident Evil 5 - How does this make you feel, 'partner'?

Tom Cross from Gamasutra writes:

"One thing that has been repeated about Resident Evil 5 is that the game may include offensive imagery, but that you become inured to these images when you get in the thick of combat. This might be the case during certain sequences where you don't have time to think, but there's no escaping it for long.

As soon as you do, Chris and Sheva find a butcher's block, topped with a dead animal and buzzing flies. The game's helpful text blurbs will then say something like "The smell is awful. Why would this be here?" A butcher shop with meat in it isn't offensive or out of the ordinary, and in fact is part of everyday life all over the world.

However, the peculiar Othering of normal occurrences (like a butcher shop having meat, knives, and flies) so that they fit into a frantically horrified conception of village life in Kijuju is pervasive and carefully orchestrated."

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ballsofsteel3541d ago

wow people are just making mountains out of mole hills here. This game is literally RE4 except the spanish village is now some african village. The people who call Re5 racist or discriminatory but not Re4 are hypocrites. No one had a problem with RE4 but now that it's african and black people it's all of a sudden bad?

Sangria3541d ago

Do spanish people suffer from a worldwide discrimination?
Even though the game does not promote discrimination, it is legitimate to ask if we are not going too far with clichés and horror.
FarCry 2 has a lot of black people that we can kill, but the game was never stamped as a racist game, which means that the skin of the enemies is not a matter of interrogation but more about their behavior.

Plus Gamasutra is far from being the sub-trolls that roll around the web and give a more researched and more profound.