Toronto Sun Review: MadWorld

Developed by the same Japanese talent behind the whimsical side-scrolling beat 'em up Viewtiful Joe and the exquisite role-playing game Okami, MadWorld is a radical departure from the puppies and princesses we normally associate with the family-friendly Wii.

It's gruesomely and unapologetically violent, drops more f-bombs than an entire DVD boxed set of The Sopranos and has a unique visual style that's quite unlike anything we've seen before in a video game.

An adult-oriented, old-school brawler at its core, MadWorld blends The Running Man's deadly futuristic game show premise with the spikes-'n'-leather cage match brutality of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, then paints it all in stark black and white, with the occasional dash of yellow text and almost continuous gouts of crimson blood.

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