AppSmile Reviews: iWire

AppSmile writes: "Jerry Seinfeld once defined scuba diving as "a great activity, where your main goal is to not die." The same can be said of the new iPhone game iWire.

Origin8, makers of the fantastic tower defense game Sentinel, have applied their artistic ingenuity to a much simpler package in iWire. The point of the game is to control a ring that hovers around a luminescent wire. The ring travels along a straight path but can be guided by accelerometer movement. React in the direction that the wire bends to avoid coming into contact with it. If the wire beam is interrupted, the game ends. Getting too close to the wire will produce a yellow to orange glow. Avoid the wire and speed will increase up to 11 times the original. This is more of a test of delicacy than anything else. Even the slightest movement will throw the ring off course."

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