Tales of Vs. For PSP Confirmed by Tales Channel

Some might remember Tales of Vs. being trademarked just recently in North America.

The game was briefly mentioned on Tales Channel earlier this morning. Tales Union has the information on what was posted.

UPDATE: Thanks to a URL existing in their servers, this news, which seemed like an April Fools joke, it likely confirmed as being real.


Scans from Weekly Shonen Jump have been revealed validating the URL.

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Hiruma Youchi3545d ago

Cant wait to get it if its true.Tales my fav RPG series!!!

But you Finna Remove that picture its gon make peple think its Vesperia on PSP.

foo3545d ago

hopefully the tales of vesperia coming to ps3 is true

magicfrog3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

it seems like TOV for PS3 is the truth
there's the scan from V-Jump

DNAgent3545d ago

Hopefully it really is an april fools joke. Otherwise Namco Bandai is just a mediocre company. I mean exclusive Tales of games for every system but PS3 and then they give us a hand-me-down of one of the worst Tales of games ever made (Vesperia). They should either give us an exclusive Tales of game or GTFO. I won't even play this regardless if they pumped tons of free extras into it.

If it's true then I hope sales are the worst ever. Namco Bandai just fall in line with a long list of other companies who fail this gen and I have them blacklisted in my memory so I will never play a game from them. I wouldn't want to play mediocre games anyways so in a way it's not really a blacklist. I'm just waiting for them NOT to suck but I highly doubt that will happen anytime soon.

esegk3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

TOV for PS3 was also confirmed by Weekly Jump

Obama3545d ago

whoa I didn't know TOV is going to be turned into an anime.

Foxgod3545d ago

What are you guys talking about, Tales of vesperia was already a registered trademark in the US, as it released on the 360, doh.

This topic is about a Tales game for the PSP.

Godmars2903545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

And which one do you think people, as in PS3 fans, care more about?

Yes, I'm certain that people w/o a 360 care very much that you've already played the game :/

Guess there's no point in making NGS2 either since NG2 is already on the 360.

ceedubya93545d ago

I care more about a Tales game being on the PSP.

Of course, if there is a brand new Tales game on the PS3, then THAT I will care about.

raztad3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Well IF this PS3 ToV is the same already released on xbox360 + some minor addons, NAMCO will not get my hard earned money. In the best case Ill get it second hand. It's not that I dont want to play the game, it's I dont like to play the same game that others already played months before because of some time exclusivity agreement. NAMCO needs to do much more than just add a new character to convince to get this game.

Looking forward for ToV on the PSP.

EDITED: I confused NAMCO with SEGA. Sorry about that

Foxgod3545d ago

Did you say Sega ??

Anyway, this topic is about Tales on psp, so stay on topic.

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xryls3545d ago

doubtful here's hoping ;)