Fable II My Pocket Pets DLC Impressions-Xbox 360 Previews at Gamespot

Peter Molyneux gives Gamespot the dirt on the new animal breeding DLC arriving for Fable II.

One of the best features Fable II had going for it was the inclusion of man's best friend. Rain or shine, healthy or limping, your trusty dog would follow you anywhere you went in the world of Albion. Whether you were a paragon of virtue or a lousy roustabout prone to carrying on extramarital affairs in the local Gypsy camp and charging exorbitant prices for pies, your pup was always there to help sniff out hidden treasure and provide constant companionship. Now the world of Fable pet ownership has been expanded with new DLC called My Pocket Pets.

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lordgodalming3546d ago

Even if Gamespot did flush much of its credibility down the toilet a couple years ago, you can still count on them for a solid showing on April 1.

Andronix3545d ago

The video is actually pretty funny and Molyneux is a good sport.
The pictures of the mixed animals adds to it. A bear crossed with an octopus? Funny stuff!

jay23546d ago

Lol $365 for a pet, I'd rather spend that on a real pet, I'm not sure how much I pay for my cat.

from the beach3545d ago

Man this sounds awesome, the addition of the dog in Fable 2 was an awesome and Innovative feature so I'm thrilled to hear they're expanding the game in this direction.

Day one

lordgodalming3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Day 1 own3d. Read the article more carefully, my friend.

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