Sony's little surprise: PSP2 revealed writes: There has speculation about the successor of the PSP, the PSP2. While Sony recently consistently denied that there was no such thing as a PSP2, today however they revealed the first pictures of the long-awaited device.


Also a second image of the PSP2 has leaked.

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Crazyglues3393d ago

It was a nice April fools...

HardcoreGamer3393d ago

naaah cant be,, can it really (sarcasm)

april fools tot he max on n4g

this time of the calander is booslheet, i hate it. anything goes. kill some and say april fools. same thing really aint it

SL1M DADDY3393d ago

Yay for April Fools Day...

hazeblaze3393d ago

Is every post today going to be an April fools???

ThanatosDMC3393d ago

So what was the real announcement???

Twizlex3393d ago

Haha, they realized their mistake with the 2 and updated the picture. Makes it even more obvious that it's fake.

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trpride3393d ago

Well you have to admit, it sounds awesome

Kingsora3393d ago

All over my face please :P

ThanatosDMC3393d ago

...... ::looks around::


Anyway, what was the real announcement???

velaxun3393d ago

real announcement was just the PS2 price cut

Sibs3393d ago

The real announcement was the PSP2 price cut.

resistance1003393d ago

Sounds good, but looking at that image, this has April Fool's written all over it

Kingsora3393d ago

Actually I think it looks quite real to me, it isn't done bad

resistance1003393d ago

Look at the 2. Theres no way Sony would release it like that. Also the 2 looks like its been added on after in photoshop since its not as thick as the letters.

sinncross3393d ago

tilt sensor will definitely happen.
Phil Harrison actually said that the sixaxis was meant to be for the PSP but due to costs they cud not implement because the PSP would have been way too expensive.

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The story is too old to be commented.