Warhammer: Another Server Closure?

Mythic has opened up free character transfers from another of its Warhammer Online servers, indicating that another server is to be closed down.

Players spread across dozens of servers were forced to transfer last month when Mythic closed down over forty Warhammer realms. Several aspects of the game, such as Public Quests, require that servers have a high population - merging two servers will ensure that players still experience high quality gameplay, but it also suggests that the number of Warhammer subscribers is severely lower than Mythic's initial prediction.

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Malfurion3544d ago

Oh dear, that can't be good news.

AndyA3544d ago

Sounds like it's not doing as well as Mythic hoped.

Leord3544d ago

It's quite sad. Think it could just be something to let people who were not happy with their rushed move move to their friends on other servers, or is it really another closure?

Cogo3544d ago

To be fair. It isn't overly surprising.

Maticus3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

And I can't help feeling slightly smug about that, being a WoW fan. Mythic really was unbearable before the game came out, about how they were going to wipe the floor with every other MMO out there.

Here's an example, this is Mythic's Mark Jacobs in the run up to Warhammer's release, when asked about WoW vs Warhammer:

"I really like Blackpool, it's marvellous. Got a tower, you know. They sell fish and chips and it's got a golden mile, a whole mile of things to do. But you know what, I went on holiday to Blackpool 17 years in a row. Sometimes you just want to go to Vegas."

Chris3993544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I've played WOW for 3 years, have 6 fully leveled/ geared toons. The ration of game-play/ fun vs. reward exceeds WOW in every area.

There are:
- Public Quests
- Mounts available at 20 for a REASONABLE PRICE.
- Instances
- City Wide Raids that ANYONE can participate in.
- Balanced PVP (well the two new classes need a little tweaking).
- New bag slots available every 10 ranks.
- Better graphics, by far.
- Instant Zoned travel available in the first hour of the game. No sitting and riding a mount across the world while Blizzard racks up your subscription time. How many dollars do you think the collective WOW userbase has contributed just from air-travel time alone?
- Deeper lore. WOW is a Warhammer knockoff that was born when Blizzard couldn't properly acquire the license (look it up).

Have you ever seen 2 full warbands of Order and Chaos (that's over 100 real live people) slugging it out on a battlefield? Spells and bodies flying? Well I have. That's Warhammer, and it's pretty awesome and it happens almost every day. And I haven't even reached T4 yet, which is where you go into massive instances (again, anyone can join) to take down the actual Lords and Ladies or Warhammer (the equivalent of Sylvannas, The Lich King, etc.), enslave them and drag them kicking and screaming back to your realm.

What's WOW got in the pipeline? More mounted instances. With giant Voltron robots. Oh, and underwater segments too. I'll pass thanks.

I could go on.

The only thing that WOW has going for it is that it's been around longer and has a bit more content as a result. You'd be surprised at the depth in WAR if you actually gave it a try. There are three separate story-lines/ campaigns for EACH side - Order/ Chaos. Not just a few lame starter quests and then the same grind for EVERY character you roll.

The fact that you probably haven't even played the game and are criticizing it makes you a little ignorant. Stop quoting developers and actually play the game.

And as #7 stated, the basis of the game lies in PVP/ RVR action. If the servers aren't populated enough, the game is broken. They're actually merging servers for a reason.

The only thing that you can be smug about is that WOW has more players and has more content (because it's been around longer - and Mythic added 2 new classes and two zones AFTER 3 MONTHS FOR NO COST). More isn't always better. The majority of North Americans are obese, that doesn't mean it's a more suitable or desirable lifestyle.

Maticus3544d ago

I wasn't criticizing the game, just simply enjoying the fact that Mythic are having to eat their words.

Maticus3543d ago

Oops, it wasn't Mark Jacobs who said it, it was Paul Barnett. That man gets my hackles up.

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Leord3544d ago

Oh noes! I had really high hopes that WAR would at least be a permanent MMO, even if it didn't beat WoW...

Cogo3544d ago

It would be good with some serious competition to WoW, so Blizzard is forced to cater to fans without going lazy. Not saying they are, yet, but it usually happens eventually.

Maticus3544d ago

It's never going to beat WoW, let's face it. Once upon a time I thought it had a chance, not now.

Now TOR, that's another story.

Fyzzu3544d ago

I'm not sure if this is worrying or not. Think I've said it before, but this really isn't uncommon when it comes to MMOs...

Cogo3544d ago

Well, it's usually a sign of closing it down, OR they are opening a new server with free transfers to it. This is usually negative.

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