Kojima Productions got everyone fooled!

Everyone remember the last week's Hideo Kojima keynote at GDC, right? At the end of it, a news emerged that the next Metal Gear game may include Raiden as the main character. A small Raiden artwork was shown in the presentation slide and people loved the news, many websites including us posted it.

Well, today, at April Fools day, the truth is here!

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WildArmed3545d ago

that hurts my feelings :(

Jamegohanssj53545d ago

Wow, so my favourite character won't get his own game? :( I am heart broken. It's been a long time since Metal Gear Solid 2, but I guess I'll have to go purchase that or the Scene expansion if I want to play with Raiden.


pandabear3545d ago

It is Kojima messing with us - make us think its Raiden then do a spoof video showing that it wasn't - so of course it prob is Raiden in the next MGS.

He has a wicked sense of humour.

ZeroBlitz3545d ago

Seriously, we need a secret theatre for MGS4.

GVON3545d ago

Last year it was assassin creed 2 but was really MGS4 and now this.Nice one Kojima :) that section of the second level was ace though.

It's also the only aprils fool that's worked,every gaming site,every forum was going mental over this joke, and I bet Kojima couldn't stop laughing after looking at the response to his keynote.shame the "jokes" popping up on here from the rest all these gaming sites are obvious and,well sh!te.

WildArmed3545d ago

@1 note the sarcasm...
I didnt want Kojima to goto Raiden at all. I rather play as Snake or anyone else he can think of :D

solidt123545d ago

I couldnt get it to stop buffering but it is on youtube now.

meepmoopmeep3545d ago

gRRRR.. i still love him and his humor

JHUX3545d ago

but what if this news is the april fools joke.

fanboi hater3544d ago

if you look back at the pic in the keynote it really was raiden this pic is not the same ... but this was still a good April fools however I'm still very confused??

meepmoopmeep3544d ago

yeah, i think they planned to do this.

i think the original was Raiden and they changed it to Campbell for AFD.

either way, this was awesome :)

rockleex3544d ago

Is not MGS5.

The next Metal Gear is simply MGS4: Sub/stance/sistence.

In it, you'll be able to play as Raiden with his own ninja move-sets and maybe his own scenarios. Shall I say... Ninja Raiden Sigma? :P

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Mcrmarcher3545d ago

I hate april fools, it's so bloody annoying!

No FanS Land3545d ago

It's true! He made it so realist that nobody would have thought that at GDC. AH F*ck!!!! no metal gear for now....

Chippydip3545d ago

WTF I wanted to know what happened to sunny >.<

sajj3163545d ago

Raiden a clone of the Colonel?

Big Boss -> Snake
Colonel -> Raiden

PureGamer3545d ago

Thank god i hope it isnt raiden in the next one.

SolidAhmed3545d ago

it was so funny i loved how the media get fooled and i loved the video specially when Campbell said Meryl you look beautiful.

i don't know but this is a good lesson to the press that trying to be smart ass.

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The story is too old to be commented.