2009 - The Year of Racist Games?

Since when has it been o.k. for game developers to push venomous racism in their products and try to mask it as art? A little thing here and there that is possibly or arguably racist isn't so bad, but developers in 2009 seem to have lost their damned minds...

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Sackdude3517d ago

COD 4 and COD WAW, are the most Racist games.

TruthbeTold3517d ago

the article is about games of 2009, not to mention it's an April Fools joke. :p

Silly gameAr3517d ago

jerk. lol Hey, don't forget the Cole Train. You want an example of stereotypical black people? There you go. But it's all jokes in the end.


TruthbeTold3517d ago

...than can ever be compared to games.