Gametrailers Review: Pokemon Platinum

Gametrailers Writes:

"Is this enhanced version of Diamond and Pearl enough to justify catching them all again?"

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itani3544d ago

Everyone Pokemon game has pretty much been the same with only a name change.

jkashuba073544d ago

Your pretty much right, but with every version they usually add 1 or 2 new features, this time around with D,P, and Platinum they have wifi, which we never saw before. So at least they added something new! Besides all the new pokemon.

Red and Blue are still my favorite today, then Ruby and Saphire!

ThatCanadianGuy3544d ago

Yep, pretty much.

Tho i would pick this up for sure if i had a DS

Marona3544d ago

Some parts of the video they showed are not even in Platinum. =|