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Metal Gear Solid 4 April Fools Video

Konami just posted another April Fools video for MGS4. Possible hint at the next Metal Gear? (LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear, Metal Gear Online, Metal Gear Online SCENE, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3)

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frayer  +   1997d ago
Lmao! April Fools Day rocks
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Chris Hansen  +   1997d ago
Heres my theory on MGS5:

Main Character: Raiden
Primary Support: Colonel
Story: Rescue Sunny from the Patriots and shows how Raiden became the cyborg ninja

Kojima is God
PirateThom  +   1997d ago
Hadn't Campbell already married Rosemary at that point though?
Chris Hansen  +   1997d ago

Fine, heres another theory:

Main Character: Frank Jaeger / Grey Fox
Primary Support: Colonel
Story: Before the events of the original Metal Gear, acting as a prequel.
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PirateThom  +   1997d ago
Wouldn't the support at that time have been Big Boss? :P
Chris Hansen  +   1997d ago
No. Frank Jaeger hadn't defected to Big Boss yet. He didn't defect till Metal Gear 2. He was held as a prisoner in Metal Gear 1.
PirateThom  +   1997d ago
But Big Boss was still in charge of FOXHOUND though, wasn't he?

A prequel could sort this out.
MisterNiwa  +   1997d ago
You look beautiful...
Timesplitter14  +   1997d ago
If I remember correctly, Grey Fox was transformed after the minefield in MG2 by the Patriots (Para-Medic). And that's when Big Boss got burned, so the support character can't really be Big Boss.

It could be Campbell, but I really doubt it. In MGS1, he didn't look like he knew much about Grey Fox, so I doubt he's been on a mission with him in the past. I think it's more probable that your support is a Patriot member like Major Zero or EVA.

EDIT : oh sorry I just realised you said "before MG1". Well yeah it's quite posssible then, but I don't see why they would've put a cyborg ninja on the teaser image
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talltony  +   1996d ago
Will be yeld every time you die in MGS5.lol
Mainman  +   1996d ago
Is this video uploaded to somewhere else? It doesnt seem to work for me, all it says is: buffering.
umair_s51  +   1996d ago
Why are we analyzing an april fool's day video, remember this is Kojima we are talking about
usin420  +   1996d ago
Same here Mainman, the videos been buffering for 15 minutes now and still no video.
Edit: here's a link to it on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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SullyDrake  +   1996d ago
@ PirateThom
Campbell married Rose to protect her while Raiden was doing his mission. Nothing romantic or intimate happened between them.
Sarcasm  +   1996d ago
It's a possibility that the next MGS game has nothing to do with Raiden or Snake, and introduce a completely new character with the storyline completely different too.
xxBATTLECATxx  +   1996d ago
Rosemary is so HOTT!!!!
rockleex  +   1996d ago
"The Next Metal Gear"
Is not MGS5.

The next Metal Gear is simply MGS4: Sub/stance/sistence.

In it, you'll be able to play as Raiden with his own ninja move-sets and maybe his own scenarios. Shall I say... Ninja Raiden Sigma? :P
ThatCanadianGuy  +   1997d ago

That was so full of win i can't even describe it! Kojima FTW
nix  +   1997d ago
lol... at the old man!
Timesplitter14  +   1997d ago
"I thought the only place I'd see you dressed like that would be at your daughter's wedding"

phosphor112  +   1996d ago
I love Kojima and his shenanigans xD
Max Power  +   1997d ago
jessehaysfl  +   1997d ago
funny all i see is buffering....buffering....bumm er.....
onijutsu  +   1997d ago
it was funny at the start because i remember people thinking that the cyborg ninja was carrying a cane, when really it was a tassel on the end of his vibroblade.

that sounded wrong...

lol at raiden being owned...(whoa i right clicked raiden for spell check and the first thing was "rained", as in "it even rained the day i was born" :o...)
metal gear campbell, instead of energy drinks he could have canned soup. An Italian or Japanese ration would give you extra health/psych over American rations...(MGS4 inside joke)
do they have Campbell's soup in the rest of the world?
M-Easy  +   1997d ago
Oooh wierd?
Nice tangent. Btw that cane sure is sharp. I need 1 of those.
TheAntiFanboy  +   1997d ago
I actually thought it was really dumb. Campbell having the mask on in the first scene completely ruined it all for me. He should have done the entire thing without the mask, really.
jessehaysfl  +   1997d ago
hehehe campbells soup.....just ask rosemary........Oo
windmill145  +   1997d ago
LOL, April Fools must be Kojima favorite time of the year.

BTW, that video reminded me A LOT of those Blooper(Hidden Theater) vids of MGS3: Subsinstance(spelling?).

My guess is that the next Metal Gear will be an expansion pack of MGS4 in which we will see how Raiden became cyborg along with some other extra stuff like VR Missions, more joke videos, and Trophies support.
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jessehaysfl  +   1997d ago
i still think metal gear mario would have been tits
stealthy-guy  +   1997d ago
lets start a online petition to kojima to make this game lol ^_^
jessehaysfl  +   1997d ago
oh and @1 Mr. hansen you look familiar werent you there when i got arrested?
Neo604  +   1997d ago
thanx mr. kojima for the video.
give me trophies so i can play more.
onijutsu  +   1997d ago
WHY would anyone disagree withyou?!
TheForgotten0ne  +   1996d ago
Because he should play that game, even if he didn't get Trophies!
dorron  +   1997d ago

I wouldn't love to see Raiden being the main character if the story was post-MGS4, as I don't see Raiden being a stealthy character nowadays...more like a here-I-am-and-I-am-going-to-ki ck-your-ass character.

Maybe if it was pre-MGS4...

I still keep faith and would love Snake or Big Boss to keep being the main characters.
SlaughterMeister  +   1996d ago
Raiden was very stealthy, Snake didn't see him until he wanted Snake to see him. He kept out of sight the whole time.
stevoman75  +   1997d ago
@ dorron think of it this way
remember in mgs4 when raiden was first revealed but snake didn't know who it was because raiden was being all silent ninja and what not telling snake to look at tracks. well to me at that time it seemed like raiden would only use his badass skills when he has to. when he first started fihting the ekko it wasn't to show skills it was to pay snake back for the help he provided in MGS2, sorry for the long post. i feel strongly about this
dorron  +   1996d ago
I meant...what's the point in shooting a bunch of soldiers with a tranquilizer gun if you can get rid off them like he did with the geckos in MGS4????

That wouldn't make any sense..
INehalemEXI  +   1997d ago
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   1997d ago
Did he say??? -
"MGS4 + MGS5 will be coming out on the xBox 360"...

gamfreak  +   1997d ago
Campbell juz bring shame to Snake & Raiden....!!!!!!!!

I lol at the video, cane sure is sharp....
heyheyhey  +   1997d ago
lulz.. that would be an awesome skin for MGS4
Magic_The_Celt  +   1996d ago
rayjelic  +   1996d ago
I thought my Computer was slow
Ahh f*#k you Konami
deshon09  +   1996d ago
that was sweet though
pwnsause  +   1996d ago
Raiden always gets pwned LMAO
Jamaicangmr  +   1996d ago
This guys is something else, Kojima you are worth your weight in gold.
shadowboricua  +   1996d ago
Ngai  +   1996d ago
awesome game.
8BitSoul  +   1996d ago
A april's fool joke with a sense of humor. Colonel Campbell kicks ass!
JUSTICEFORALL  +   1996d ago
that was pretty cool, for an old dude he has some moves
stevoman75  +   1990d ago
alright dorron i see your point, but he only fought the gekko's and soldiers in MGS4 because he felt like he owed snake for his contributions in MGS2. but here u go what they need to do is leave a "pissed off meter" so when people in the next game frustrate or "piss off" raiden they u can do crazy combos for a limited time. yeah tell me that ain't the $hit!!!!

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