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frayer3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Lmao! April Fools Day rocks

Chris Hansen3309d ago

Heres my theory on MGS5:

Main Character: Raiden
Primary Support: Colonel
Story: Rescue Sunny from the Patriots and shows how Raiden became the cyborg ninja

Kojima is God

PirateThom3309d ago

Hadn't Campbell already married Rosemary at that point though?

Chris Hansen3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )


Fine, heres another theory:

Main Character: Frank Jaeger / Grey Fox
Primary Support: Colonel
Story: Before the events of the original Metal Gear, acting as a prequel.

PirateThom3309d ago

Wouldn't the support at that time have been Big Boss? :P

Chris Hansen3309d ago

No. Frank Jaeger hadn't defected to Big Boss yet. He didn't defect till Metal Gear 2. He was held as a prisoner in Metal Gear 1.

PirateThom3309d ago

But Big Boss was still in charge of FOXHOUND though, wasn't he?

A prequel could sort this out.

Timesplitter143309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

If I remember correctly, Grey Fox was transformed after the minefield in MG2 by the Patriots (Para-Medic). And that's when Big Boss got burned, so the support character can't really be Big Boss.

It could be Campbell, but I really doubt it. In MGS1, he didn't look like he knew much about Grey Fox, so I doubt he's been on a mission with him in the past. I think it's more probable that your support is a Patriot member like Major Zero or EVA.

EDIT : oh sorry I just realised you said "before MG1". Well yeah it's quite posssible then, but I don't see why they would've put a cyborg ninja on the teaser image

talltony3309d ago

Will be yeld every time you die in

Mainman3309d ago

Is this video uploaded to somewhere else? It doesnt seem to work for me, all it says is: buffering.

umair_s513309d ago

Why are we analyzing an april fool's day video, remember this is Kojima we are talking about

usin4203309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Same here Mainman, the videos been buffering for 15 minutes now and still no video.
Edit: here's a link to it on youtube

SullyDrake3309d ago

Campbell married Rose to protect her while Raiden was doing his mission. Nothing romantic or intimate happened between them.

Sarcasm3309d ago

It's a possibility that the next MGS game has nothing to do with Raiden or Snake, and introduce a completely new character with the storyline completely different too.

rockleex3308d ago

Is not MGS5.

The next Metal Gear is simply MGS4: Sub/stance/sistence.

In it, you'll be able to play as Raiden with his own ninja move-sets and maybe his own scenarios. Shall I say... Ninja Raiden Sigma? :P

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ThatCanadianGuy3309d ago


That was so full of win i can't even describe it! Kojima FTW

nix3309d ago

lol... at the old man!

Timesplitter143309d ago

"I thought the only place I'd see you dressed like that would be at your daughter's wedding"


phosphor1123308d ago

I love Kojima and his shenanigans xD

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