PS Cloud: Is Sony looking before it leaps?

In the days following OnLive's unveiling at the Game Developers Conference, the name PS Cloud has been trademarked by Sony, hinting that they could be attempting to rival OnLive with a service available to PlayStation owners.

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Droid Control3542d ago

Just like the ps3, the ps4 will be way ahead of its time.

patb3542d ago

I am so sick of all these annoying people questioning sony. Everything sony makes is looked down upon even before it releases.

anh_duong3541d ago

what do they have in common? they are all little blogs written by people who are not professionals and nor do they generate real information.. i wish N4G create a separate area for useless blogs like these that don't really know anything more than a typical hardcore gamer..

a million monkeys, a million keyboards..