Is Wii winning the console race?

"Even with that quantity of systems moving through the retail system, both the Wii and the DS remain hard to find in stores nationwide, while the other two consoles are lining the shelves."

See why Yahoo Games contributing editor Mike Smith thinks the Wii is so successful.

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Cutnell4289d ago

The Wii is pretty lame. It may be fun, but it's not next-gen, so why compare it to the PS3 and 360?

PS360WII4289d ago

Gen is only when it came out. Seeing the Wii was released when PS3 and 360 came out it is in this Gen. It has nothing to do with specs. Why must everyone be so dense about it?

VirtualGamer4289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

Well its certainly winning based on current monthly sales. The big question is can it sustain it? Its not in the same ball park when compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3. However it appeals to owners of the PS3 and Xbox 360 as a secondary system as well as a primary system for many non tradtional gamers. Over all thats a huge market. While I think some hardcore gamers will buy both a Xbox 360 and a PS3 its a very small segment of the population (at least until a much later stage when the price comes way down), so in reality the 2 systems are fighting for the same market where the Wii is the only one offering a unique system at a much cheaper price point. You could say the Wii is in a completely different market and could take home the prize. ( If your looking at total hardware sales) If it does I would not be suprised to see both MS and Sony come out with something to rival the Wii in this new market.

TheMART4289d ago

Sales will decrease soon.

Where is the content Nintendo?

Everyone seems to buy a Wii, only for Wii sports... After that, what is there to purchase and feel good about it?

Zelda probably if you like that kind of game. Mario same. But then? Not much is there?

The wearout effect will arrive soon. Just look at the GameGube, also a few titles that you would want for it and then... well... it's going to collect dust. The WiiMote can't keep it interesting forever

If the 360 lowers it's price this year, the choice between a Wii for 250 Euro, or a 360 premium for 299 Euro maybe won't be that hard anymore.

Include almost no online functionality with the Wii and we'll see a dropout in sales earlier then expected.

The DS is a whole other story. It's a freakin' handheld. There it's mostly not about the great graphics, but just short gameplay fun if you are in a car, plane or train. When you're in your house, you want a real gaming device with a large amount of games to choose from. Bowling or tennis is fun for a 15 minute exercise, but what after that?

ER1X4289d ago

Most of your posts say to go buy a Wii and a 360 for a super terrific fun time???

PS360WII4289d ago

Sure it doesn't have a hugh release dates of games piling up but it's new. 360 took just as long to build it's library. I'll just point out Feb sales for US only.. MS and Nintendo shared the #1 spot of software sold, so it may not have 100+ games for it yet but they are still selling

Tut4289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

In my opinion and all of my friends who own a Wii as well, theMART is mostly correct on this one. The Wii has nothing to offer. Zelda was cool, beat it twice, but it still doesn't have as much replay value as Ocarina of Time for most people. SSX Blur was pretty sweet and one of the only games I like on the Wii now, but still not worth hanging onto the system for. Mario Galaxies better be awesome because of the reputation Mario64 has, and the rest of the notable games are repeats in an insanely long series or is on another system that has way better graphics than the Wii. The game I have invested the most time in on the Wii is Zelda: Twilight Princess, followed by Donkey Kong: Jungle Beats from the Gamecube. Gamecube FIFA ranks high on the list as well.

Plus, Nintendo pissed me off when they released the WiiPlay with the controller without announcing crap to prevent people (like me) from buying all the necessary additional controllers to "have fun" with. Just sell the game seperately for $10 you d!cks!

I am selling mine, so that says something in my community of gamers at least. =)

Maybe it will be worth picking up in a year or so, but for me it isn't doing the job I thought it would do. I bought it to keep me entertained until I get a PS3, but it is just making me disappointed and anxious. Now I just have to wait until my games are released so I can buy my PS3.

WTF4289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

For now, yes(maybe)but we have to wait and see what happens in the future,if they dont keep up with games the WII will become the Gamecube.

Tut4289d ago

Anyone want to buy mine? =/

Not kidding.

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